The Studco Update – Edition 9

The Studco Update – Edition 9

The Studco® Update – providing you with product insights, industry news, tips, case studies and more! Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in Edition 9.

Tech Tips – Resilmount® A48R used on external and internal walls to provide sound isolation.

Resilmount A96R can be used on external and internal walls to provide sound isolation from the actual structure of the existing building in a traffic area. The A48R can be used to support wall studs to increase wall heights without compromising the isolation of the wall from the existing structure. This allows walls to be braced back to the structure, cutting off any sound path back to or from the structure.

Have you used the BETAFIX® Clip?

Straighten walls & ceilings fast with the BETAFIX adjustable furring channel clip!

Studco Betafix adjustable furring channel clip is used to provide adjustment for masonry walls and ceilings. This eliminates the need of shimming and extra fasteners and provides for a faster more  accurate installation. Once the Betafix clip is securely fastened onto the wall or ceiling the furring channel can be snapped into the Betafix clip without the need of any extra fasteners. Now that’s convenience…

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