Steel Stud Framing System

Steel Stud Framing System Range

Drywall Steel Stud
An interior steel stud available in a range of sizes and gauges.
Drywall Track
Interior Drywall Tracks rolled from American made steel.
Drywall Deflection Track
Track suitable for applications that require vertical deflection from the ceiling.
Slotted Deflection Track
For superior control of head-of-wall lateral deflection and axial rotation.
CrocStud Premium Drywall Stud
Interior Drywall Framing Studs composed of prime galvanized steel.
CrocStud Premium Drywall Track
Premium track designed for less twist and superior screw penetration.
CrocStud Premium Deflection Track
Premium Deflection Track hemmed with deep ribbed face for structural integrity.
Vortex Segmented Rebate Track
Specialised track for use in tall buildings.
Vortex Isolation Clips
Completely disallows metal-on-metal contact at the stud to track connection.

Featured Products

Vortex High Performance Framing System
The High Performance Framing System that delivers a powerful solution to internal wall creaking in tall buildings


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