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Studco Systems Conformance

Since the mid 2000’s Studco Building Systems® have been the choice of some of North America’s largest builders, architects and plastering contractors. Studco Building Systems’ building products have been installed in thousands of buildings throughout North America, Australia, UK and New Zealand in wall systems and ceiling systems from all major lining board manufacturers including National gypsum, USG, Continental and Georgia Pacific.

Studco Building Systems also work closely with many alternative lining board suppliers to create certified building systems for a variety of applications.

Our insistence on quality and extensive product testing provide substantial evidence that our products are equal to and provide equivalent performance characteristics of alternative framing systems when used in common wall and ceiling systems, ensuring that the integrity of the plasterboard manufacturer’s warranty is not compromised. Our products and systems have been tested by a variety of independent laboratories and organizations.


In the pursuit of ultimate quality and performance, Studco Building Systems’ R&D team has adopted a rigorous program of continuous testing and certification through collaborative partnerships with some of North America’s peak research organizations and testing facilities.

Studco Building Systems’ wall and ceiling systems have been tested and/or checked for structural integrity, seismic capacity, fire rating and acoustical performance, and have consistently demonstrated less than 1% variation in all three areas when compared to similar metal framing systems.

Independent Testing

As a responsible manufacturer of quality products, we can provide a suite of certificates for our building systems, for your peace of mind:

  • Certificate of Conformance
  • ISO 9001 Certificate of Compliance
  • Engineering Design Documentation (project specific)
  • Certified Material Test Certificates
  • Third Party Testing

Steel Stud Manufacturers Association

Studco has Third Party Certification with the SSMA. This association supports the development and maintenance of quality product standards and specifications. We are still the same trusted manufacturer with the addition of Third Party Compliance to give you peace of mind.
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Many of North America’s most respected builders demand Studco Building Systems by choice because they know that no one knows steel like Studco Building Systems.



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