Merchandising Policy

Quotation Terms

  1. 30 Day Notice – Studco will guarantee 30 days prior notice to any increase of the Monthly Price Lists.
  2. Project Quotations – Will only be issued for project quantities of over 200 000 lbs.
  3. 6-month Timeline – These quotations will only be valid for 6 months. Quotes will include escalators if steel pricing is fluctuating.
  4. Signing Quotes – Must be signed within 30 days of issuance of the quotation to confirm you have committed this project to Studco, otherwise quotation is invalid.
  5. Project Name – Quotes will not be valid without a current job name, contractor name and specific product quantities for the job.
  6. Activation Buy – Purchase must be made within 90 days with a minimum of 40,000 LBS of material. Quotes that are not activated will become void after 90 days.
  7. Mixing Systems – Substituting another manufacturer for parts of the project or overstating footage or diverting to other projects or to stock, will result in quote being void.
  8. Quantity – Any product delivered after the expiration date or in excess of the original quantity stated in the quotation will revert to current Studco pricing, at time of delivery.

Notes – All Quotes/Orders are subject to Studco Building Systems US, LLC terms and conditions of sale.
All Orders/Quotes are subject to Credit Approval by Studco Building Systems.

Customs / Special Lengths / Returns Policy

  1. Special Lengths – 2-3-day lead time for special lengths unless otherwise stated, for orders placed before 12 pm. Custom made products a lead time will be confirmed at placement of PO.
  2. Cutting Fee – of $1.50 per piece will apply to lengths under 6’ and over 30’.
  3. Setup Fees – Will apply for special lengths under 2000LF of Drywall & 1000LF of Structural products, confirmed at time of ordering. Under a quantity of 10 lengths of one product will not be processed.
  4. Coating – A charge of Non-Standard Coating requests will be applied.
  5. Non-Returnable – Special sizes are non-returnable.
  6. Restocking Fee – For Standard stock products of 20% will apply if returned.
  7. Broken Packs – Stock Pack or Bundle breaks downs will incur a broken surcharge for Drywall products. $8.00 for broken stock packs and $6.00 for broken bundles. (This charge is per invoice)
  8. Pack Markings – Packaging and labeling for multi-level delivery will be quoted at time of ordering.

Pickup at Warehouses

Webster NY

  1. Pickup Order Cutoff – 3:00pm for same day pick up.
  2. Minimum Weight – 5000 lbs per pick up.

Delivery to Site

  1. Under 20 000 lbs. – Quoted at time of ordering.
  2. 20 000+ lbs. – Maximum 10 Mile Radius from Distributor – $150.00
  3. Waiting Time – Will be charged at $50 per hour after the first hour.


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