The Studco Update – Edition 7

The Studco Update – Edition 7

The Studco® Update – providing you with product insights, industry news, tips, case studies and more! Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in Edition 7.

Save Time With RapidTrack

RapidTrack™ is a 2” high deflection track with vertical slots spaced at 1” increments that is designed to save you time, reduce the number of components used and improve the performance of external steel stud walls. The wall studs are screw fixed to the RapidTrack™ through the slots provided which allows for vertical live load movement in the primary structure of up to 1 3/16” without transferring axial loads to the wall studs.

Ezy-Cap wall ends now available in Custom Lengths

When you’re looking for a fast and economical way to finish wall ends over 10’ foot high, Ezy-Cap will now fit the bill with 12’ foot lengths now in stock.
  • Designed for quick and economical finishing of wall ends.
  • Manufactured from cold rolled steel providing a strong and secure wall and end cap that is both durable and fast to install.
  • Hard to reach wall ends made possible with EzyCap®
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit various wall configurations.

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