The Studco Update – Edition 6

The Studco Update – Edition 6

The Studco® Update – providing you with product insights, industry news, tips, case studies and more! Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in Edition 6.

New Release! CrocStud

STUDCO BUILDING SYSTEMS® has now released a decimal system so our customers know exactly what they are getting. Architects and designers can now specify with confidence rather than guessing with hybrid varieties.

Wall Openings Made Quick & Easy

The HEDA® JAMB System from Studco offers a fast, easy and innovative way to create wall openings in load bearing internal and external rough opening applications.

Traditionally wall openings have required two or more studs at each side of Jamb and window openings, along with a series of studs and tracks to make up a header. Whilst this system remains popular, the HEDA JAMB System from Studco uses fewer sections and connections providing the contractor with a simplified and time saving construction process…

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