Whole Foods Center, NY

LeFrois Builders & Developers
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Steel Stud and Track
Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY

Whole Foods Center, NY

A New Shopping Hub Springs Forth

A new shopping experience for the Greater Rochester area is nearing completion. The Whole Foods Center is nestled between two of Rochester’s most established communities, Brighton and Pittsford, and promises a slew of retail options from both local and national specialty boutiques.

Within 15 minutes of colleges, universities and the Greater Rochester International Airport, the Whole Foods Center is set to be the shopping destination of the area. In addition to the Whole Foods Market, a major draw is the recently opened Starbucks coffee, which headlines a variety of dining opportunities.

Whole Foods Center NY Wide Day View
Early stages of framing. Image Credit: LeFrois Builders & Developers
Whole Foods Center NY
Mid framing stage. Image Credit: LeFrois Builders & Developers
Whole Foods Center New York
Steel Stud Framing. Image Credit: LeFrois Builders & Developers
Whole Foods Center NY
Nearing completion. Image Credit: LeFrois Builders & Developers

Tackling the Impact of Global Supply Chains

Amidst ongoing global supply issues, a supplier with extensive reach and an ability to service larger projects was essential to the construction of this project. As a result, Studco Building Systems® was chosen to assist in this situation. Studco’s U.S. manufacturing created prime conditions where Light Gauge Metal Framing could be readily available when it was needed. Studco had the added flexibility of being a global business, identifying additional methods of managing their supply chains that other options could not utilize.

Image courtesy of LeFrois Builders & Developers

Keeping It Local

Studco was the logical choice to supply this Rochester project alongside distributor Kamco Supply as both are local to the area. Studco could provide supplies expediently, despite allocation restrictions, ensuring Whole Foods Center could continue to progress through construction without stalling due to supply issues. Being based in Rochester also provided additional benefits, including a boost to the local economy. Not only would in and out-of-town shoppers provide a new stream of funds, so would the investment during construction.

Studco is a national and global supplier of steel framing solutions, equipped with the ability to assist with logistical and engineering solutions. Contact the Studco team at 800 675 8023 or email sales@studcosystems.com.au for your next project.

Image courtesy of LeFrois Builders & Developers

Studco Products Used

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