Kennedy Center Expansion, WA

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Resilmount Sound Isolation Mounts
2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566

Kennedy Center Expansion, WA

Supporting the Expansion of Iconic Site

Originally designed in 1971 by Edward Durell Stone along the side of the Potomac River, less than a mile from the White House, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts still stands out today as the national cultural center and living memorial to President Kennedy. It was designed as a gift given to our nation in celebration and support of American arts and culture, and lastly the essential role it plays in this great country’s identity.

Source: Field Conditions

With Resilmount’s A48R resilient right-angled bracket being installed on the twisted and curved 42 x 150-foot walls and ceiling, Resilmount® product specialists and our Studco® BuildIT engineering team worked closely with the project team to be sure that our Resilmount A48R would perform to the highest standards in these exquisitely designed, one-of-a-kind walls.

Since the Kennedy Centers opening, for the first time in nearly 50 years, it is being expanded by a total of 72,000 square feet with a total budget of $100,000,000 USD.  Intricately designed by the globally recognized and award-winning firm Steven Holl architects, the expansion brings 3 additional pavilions each imagined as collaborative, dynamic spaces that preserve the silhouette of the existing Kennedy Center building while fusing with the landscape and river. Holl says regarding the 3 new pavilions “The entire project really is emerging from the landscape, with these three pavilions coming up from below, I’ve always said that architecture and landscape are deeply connected, and I think in this project, we make a real connection.”

Steel structural support braces supporting the structure (Source: Field Conditions)
Source: Field Conditions

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Studco Products Used:

Resilmount A237R

Resilmount Sound Isolation Clips

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