Shiny Corner Bead

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An affordable corner bead option. Designed to create refined corners that can withstand everyday knocks and bumps, protecting drywall installations.

The perforated legs provide a strong bond for building board finishing compounds and the optimum nib profile provides a knock resistant corner. The wide range of Trim 90 profiles available will suit all standard building boards, however if a custom profile is required Studco can produce special sizes and profiles to suit individual requirements.

All standard Trim90 external angle beads are packaged in cartons to provide protection for your convenience.

Can I substitute specified products for Studco® products?

Absolutely, our insistence on quality and extensive product testing provide substantial evidence that our products provide equal performance characteristics of alternative framing systems. Further information can be found on our Systems Conformance document.

Why choose Studco?

As an innovative and industry-leading company, Studco provides quality products, solution-based engineering, and hands-on customer service. There are many reasons to choose Studco products for your project, here are some of the many benefits.

Where are Studco products manufactured and what materials are used for?

Studco products are manufactured in Webster, New York. Our products are made from premium quality Steel. They are manufactured within the strictest of tolerances and are structurally sound when installed in accordance with our Design Manual.

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Available Options

Product Code Product Information Width (mm) Design thickness Mils Lb/ft
CB-S13 Trim 90 Shiny Corner Bead 4" 0.013 54 Mils 0.11

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