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Cased openings and wall end solutions are made Ezy with EzyCap® – the strong and versatile wall end you’ve been looking for.

Perfect for cased openings, internal balustrades, trimless pocket doors and partition walls; EzyCap is designed for quick installation. This durable wall end is a game changer for wall construction!

EzyCap is an economical way to cap wall ends and prevent damage from wear  and tear in high traffic areas over time, keeping masterpiece designs intact for years to come.

Visit www.ezconcept.com for more information about EzyCap.

Can I substitute specified products for Studco products?

Absolutely, our insistence on quality and extensive product testing provide substantial evidence that our products provide equal performance characteristics of alternative framing systems. Further information can be found on our Systems Conformance document.

Why choose Studco?

As an innovative and industry-leading company, Studco provides quality products, solution-based engineering, and hands-on customer service. There are many reasons to choose Studco products for your project, here are some of the many benefits.

Where are Studco products manufactured and what materials are used for?

Studco products are manufactured in Webster, New York. Our products are made from premium quality Steel. They are manufactured within the strictest of tolerances and are structurally sound when installed in accordance with our Design Manual.

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Available Options

Product Code Product Information Width (mm) Design thickness Length (mm)
EC92-358100 3-5/8” EzyCap Wall End for 3-5/8" Wall Thickness 3-5/8" 0.029 10'
EC98-378100 3-7/8” EzyCap Wall End for 3-3/4" Wall Thickness 3-7/8" 0.029 10'
EC118-458100 4-5/8” EzyCap Wall End for 4-1/2" Wall Thickness 4-5/8" 0.029 10'
EC124-478100 4-7/8” EzyCap Wall End for 4-3/4" Wall Thickness 4-7/8" 0.029 10'
EC127-5100 5” EzyCap Wall End for 4-7/8" Wall Thickness 5" 0.029 10'
EC175-678100 6-7/8” EzyCap Wall End for 6-3/4" Wall Thickness 6-7/8" 0.029 10'

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