Studco Vortex Framing is Now UL Classified

Studco Vortex Framing is Now UL Classified

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The Studco Vortex High Performance Framing System®  is a reliable and practical solution for addressing the root cause of noise annoyance in skyscrapers and tall apartment buildings.

Creaking is a common issue facing many architects, developers, and builders around the world, as new construction continues to see taller buildings erected across cities. As wind hits and is pushed around the skyscraper, causing it to sway, the internal framing must move with it, creating an annoying and often terrifying creaking noise.

The Vortex system is designed to reduce stress and tension from the internal framing and mitigate the scraping sound that emanates from within the walls.

Studco® is proud to announce that our Vortex High Performing Framing System is now UL classified! 



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