Noggings in Curved Steel Stud Walls

Noggings in Curved Steel Stud Walls

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What is the purpose of a nogging in a steel stud wall?

The purpose of a nogging in a steel stud wall is to provide support and to prevent twisting of the studs during the installation of lining board.

The installation of standard steel noggings presents an issue when constructing a curved wall as the nogging sections are not flexible. Studco® has a solution, Studco steel strap product can be used in place of the steel noggings.

Once the curved wall has been constructed and studs have been fixed off, (See Tech Tip on Creating Curved Walls) mark the required centreline for the nogging line.

Then starting at the first stud simply weave through each stud fixing the steel strap into the face of each stud.

Ensure the steel strap is pulled firm before moving onto the next fixing point. 

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