Changing Construction through Innovation

Changing Construction through Innovation

Studco Building Systems® is a global manufacturer of premium building systems that spans from the US to Australia and the UK. With roots as a steel stud roll former, today Studco® innovatively designs, develops, and produces concealed ceiling and steel stud systems, architectural finishing systems and sound isolation systems for the construction and building industry. Studco is resolute about delivering original solutions to the building and construction industry. It takes years of hard work from a dynamic team of professionals to earn a reputation as a national industry leader, and the team at Studco are constantly developing new ideas and providing innovative building products and revolutionary solutions for the industry.
Key Points:
  • The Studco Team continue to develop new ideas and provide innovation solutions for the industry.
  • Some of Studco’s patented innovations include Steel Framing and Architectural, Flush Finishes systems.
  • Studco also innovates in the Sound Isolation field in Australia and the U.S.
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Some of Studco’s patented innovations include:

Vortex High Performance Framing System® 

It is well-known that creaking is becoming a major problem in high rise buildings globally. The groans and eerie creaks that emanate from the walls keep apartment residents awake at night. It is an increasing concern for architects, developers, and builders to eliminate the noise created in the walls of the building as the wind hits the tower at such great heights.

This is caused by a phenomenon known as vortex shedding. Vortex shedding occurs when wind runs into a tall building and the wind is “split” into two separate air streams around the building. This generates areas of low pressure on the opposite side of the building, which creates a suction-effect that causes the building to sway. And when that building sways, it creaks. Some buildings can generate creaking sounds up to 70 decibels (dB). This is louder than a conversation in a restaurant or office and can be as loud as a running vacuum cleaner.

Creaking has been a problem in tall buildings for a long time, but the specific causes of the creaking were unknown. So, Studco led an in-depth two-year research project that analyzed global wind studies and performed field investigations within buildings that had known noise problems. This led to the discovery that the head track in the steel stud wall system was not fit for purpose when fixing to an uneven surface: the head track becomes deformed as it follows the contours of the substrates uneven surface, putting tension on the profile as a result of elastic buckling, and in some extreme cases, plastic deformation occurs when the track becomes creased and permanently damaged. As the building vibrates and sways in a cyclical pattern with the wind, the tension in the track causes an irritating creaking noise.

Studco’s engineers designed the Vortex High Performance Framing System specifically to address the variable surfaces of modern concrete structures and the stresses and tension that tall buildings experience in high winds. This lightweight steel framing system reduces stress and tension from the building’s internal framing by using features such as rigid beams which increases stiffness and resists buckling, anti-tension kerfs, limiting deformation where the substrate is extremely uneven, and isolation clips to reduce metal-on-metal contact at the bases of wall studs, door jambs and ceiling wall track sections.

These are just a few of the features that significantly reduce the creaking sound in tall buildings and lead to positive experiences for the residents and guests within them.

Studco continues to monitor the performance of the Vortex High Performance Framing System and make improvements based on the data gathered.

EzyJamb® Frameless Door Jamb System

Providing a modern and defining feature to your project; EzyJamb® conceals the door frame and creates square set interiors, as the unique frameless jamb system wraps the drywall during framing and blends seamlessly with the wall.

EzyJamb flush finish door jamb, by Studco Building Systems, create seamless clean lines and eliminates the need for trims around the door frame.

EzyJamb Classic Adjust – EZC is a split-type door jamb system that creates inconspicuous clean lines to complete the contemporary look of architectural spaces. The two-piece jamb is adjustable to allow for various wall thicknesses, ensuring a smooth finish along the wall face.

EzyJamb Single Rebate – SRC Single piece rebated door jamb provides a smooth transition from one side of the door jamb, resulting in a trimless door for a minimalistic sophistication in apartments, homes, and commercial buildings. This one-piece frameless door jamb is custom made to perfectly suit your wall thickness for a flush finish.

EzyJamb is made from premium galvanized steel, to offer a steel door jamb that is more durable solution to traditional timber jambs. EzyJamb is specially coated and readily accepts a level 5 finish, achieving a smooth transition between the wall and door face. EzyJamb has successfully surpassed the 10,000 ‘Door Slam’ test, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a quality product for your project.

EzyJamb In-Swing Door (ISD)

EzyReveal® Window Reveals

EzyReveal provides strong and secure steel window frames that will not warp, crack, or become damaged from sun exposed areas, making it more durable than timber alternatives. The square set steel window reveal creates a premium square-set interior finish and eliminates the need for trims, creating a flush finished look, perfect for modern architectural designs in residential or commercial interiors.

Installation is simple and quick. EzyReveal includes pre-punched perforated sides to easily join and plaster in with the wall. Available in standard or custom lengths, for 20mm to 250mm reveals. EzyReveals is specially coated so it can be painted immediately with the rest of the wall, without the need for additional preparation.

EzyReveal matches the modern clean lines of EzyJamb, so the doors and windows of your space can match and create a flush finish without the need for trims.

EzyCap® Wall End Caps

As the strong and versatile alternative for stop ends, EzyCap is an economical way to cap wall ends and prevent damage from wear and tear in high traffic areas over time, keeping masterpiece designs intact for years to come. Capping of internal balustrades, window openings and internal partition wall ends are all made easy using EzyCap.

Save time on site with this durable solution that simply slides onto the end of the trims to cap the wall end and doesn’t require preparation to paint in with the rest of the wall, significantly reducing time and effort during installation and presenting a crisp finished wall end. Available in a range of sizes to suit various wall configurations.

Resilmount® Sound Isolation Solutions

The Resilmount range of sound isolation products by Studco Building Systems covers a wide variety of effective solutions for noise isolation for the wall and ceiling industries.  Resilmount is dedicated to researching and developing new ways to improve noise control. Resilmount products are designed and engineered by Product Development Teams in the USA and Australia in keeping with Studco’s enduring legacy of innovation and breakthrough solutions.

Studco’s high-performance resilient mounts are suitable for various environments and cover a wide range of effective solutions for noise isolation for the wall and ceiling industries. These sound isolation products include sound isolation clips, resilient ceiling hangers, ceiling furring channel systems, resilient mount clips, and much more.

Resilmount regularly collaborates with industry consultants, academic institutions and independent researchers to improve and share knowledge and findings, and to advance the building industry in general.

The Resilmount Range

Studco is committed to delivering original solutions to the building and construction industry to help resolve the pain points that contractors face. This is complemented by unrivalled customer service and engineered solutions that are designed to provide the ideal solution for standard or custom projects.

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