How to Build A Curved Wall

How to Build A Curved Wall

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Curved walls add a stunning perspective to the interior of modern buildings.

Constructing a curved wall requires considerable skill and forethought and is dependent on a number of variable factors. To save time and produce a quality finish, Studco EzyTrack™ is the answer you have been looking for. 

Despite having a dynamic appearance to your project, creating curved walls can be quite an easy task to take care of. For track sections, use Studco® EzyTrack, a unique flexible track system that allows you to create simple radius corners or combination curves.

Once you have curved the track to the desired shape, ‘lock’ the track using a self-drill screw through the sliding strap into the track segments. Studco EzyTrack can also be used in deflection situations. Ensure that a suitable anchor or fixing is placed in the track at the location of each stud.

Studco EzyTrack is available in 51, 64, 76, 92 and 150mm wide track and is suitable for the following plasterboard and stud configurations.

EzyTrack Capabilities and Configurations

Plasterboard Thickness (mm)
Minimum Convex Radius (mm)
Maximum Stud Centres (mm)










Use Studco lipped steel studs at the centres specified below. Fixing the studs to the track (where applicable) through the sliding strap using self drill screws.

Application of the plasterboard to the wall framing may require preparation such as water spraying or sponge soaking, to aid with curvature of the lining board material. Any such preparation should be done on the compression side of the plasterboard and strictly in accordance with the lining board manufacturers specifications.

For architectural specifications or installation advice, please contact Studco Building Systems for fast, friendly service at  or call 800 675 8023.

Case Studies

Monash University, VIC
Products Used
Drywall Stud and Track, HEDA Tough Wall System


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