The answer to the phenomenon that haunts tall buildings

The answer to the phenomenon that haunts tall buildings

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It is well-known that creaking is becoming a major problem in high rise buildings globally, with the most well-documented cases in Chicago, Melbourne and London. The groans and eerie creaks that emanate from the walls keep apartment residents awake at night. It is an increasing concern for architects, developers and builders to eliminate the noise created in the walls of the building as the wind hits the tower at such great heights.

That’s why America’s construction industry trusts Studco® Vortex for tall towers. As a revolutionary innovation to effectively reduce wind-induced noise in apartments and tall buildings, Studco Vortex improves the behavior of wall structures in high-rise buildings and eradicates tension creaking in internal framing systems for walls and ceilings. ⁠

A proven success at resolving this problem, Studco is proud to be supplying the Vortex High-Performance Framing System® to four of Melbourne’s ground-breaking tall buildings, ranging from 69-100 floors high.

Case Studies

Light House Tower, VIC
Products Used
Vortex Isolation Clips, Steel Stud and Track, EZ Concept Architectural Finishing Systems


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