Benefits of Choosing Studco Building Systems

Benefits of Choosing Studco Building Systems

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The Studco® team are committed to being more than just another building product supplier. Studco is ready to work with customers to ensure each project runs smoothly, stands out and is a great success. So why should customers choose Studco? Here are just five reasons why…


Over last 30 years, Studco has developed numerous leading-edge, patented building systems that have revolutionised the industry, including the Vortex High-Performance Framing System® EzyJamb® Flush Finish Door Jamb Systems, and the Resilmount® Sound Isolation Systems, to name a few.

Driven by innovation and guided by purpose, Studco is committed to delivering original solutions to the North American building and construction industry that help resolve the pain points that our customers face. At Studco, creative thinking is a part of the culture that is fostered and promoted at every level of operations, and everyone has a right to contribute to our continuous improvement program.

Quality Products

Studco products are manufactured from the highest quality cold-formed United States Steel. Studco’s products bear identification marks and are tracked from raw materials through to delivery, for accurate traceability and quality management long after installation.

Systems Conformance

Studco’s framing systems have been tested and/or checked for structural integrity, seismic capacity, fire rating and acoustical performance, by a variety of independent organisations, and have consistently demonstrated less than 1% variation in all three areas when compared to similar metal framing systems.

Our insistence on quality and extensive product testing provide substantial evidence that our products provide equal performance characteristics of alternative framing systems when used in common wall and ceiling systems, ensuring that the integrity of the plasterboard manufacturer’s warranty is not compromised.

In the pursuit of ultimate quality and performance, the Studco R&D team has adopted a rigorous program of continuous testing and certification through collaborative partnerships with some of America’s peak research organisations and testing facilities.

Solutions Based Engineering

Studco Building Systems® wants to help all our clients work with bigger ideas and smaller risks. Our Technical Team can provide engineering services to cover all aspects of documentation and inspection for installations in various areas including, but not limited to: seismic, fire-rated, load-bearing and acoustic wall and ceiling solutions.

Our dedicated Customer Service and Logistics teams work closely with our customers to ensure Studco provides the best service and meets your delivery requirements.

Product & Systems Warranty

The quest for optimum quality assurance is one of the cornerstones of Studco’s reputation as a reliable supplier of metal building products. Certified with the internationally recognized ISO9001 Quality Management System, Studco are regularly audited by an independent body to confirm compliance.

Studco products are also backed by a written warranty that assures that all Studco products and systems will perform to specification, for every project that includes them. All Studco systems are guaranteed for performance when installed correctly and used in wall and ceiling designs that conform with all relevant building standards.



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