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StudcoTough™ Construction Work Gloves

Friday April 12th 2013

This salty takes his protection seriously. Just like the all new StudcoTough™ range of contractors clothing and workwear, specifically designed to meet the OSHA needs of North American drywall framers.

StudcoTough™ Gloves

Studco has launched StudcoTough™, the new benchmark in workwear and clothing for making your day on-site as comfortable and safe as possible. In line with Studco's reputation for innovative metal building products of premium quality and extreme durability, theStudcoTough™ range will tick all the boxes for comfort, protection, style and quality.

The first product to be launched is the StudcoTough™ Drywallers Glove, a fingerless safety glove designed for the safe handling of metal sections, easy gripping of lining boards, and superior comfort and control of power tools.

Stay tuned for more clothing releases from StudcoTough™ in the coming months.


StudcoTough™ Gloves