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Tech Tips

Find all of your technical information needs for using Studco building systems


Studco Building Systems’ Resilmount sound isolation clip attains a 53 STC, Single Layer Drywall with R13 Insulation, conforms to UL Assembly U305.

Looking for a STC of over 50 with a single layer drywall system?
Resilmount has it, with clips spaced at 48" OC and R13 insulation, this is one of the most cost effective wall assemblies. To view more Resilmount assemblies that are both sound and fire rated please request our Technical Manual.

Resilmount 53 sound isolation systems and noise control products

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M534 Spring Hangers

Studco suspended ceiling system is making for fast and easy installation for hanging of soffits, suspended cloud panels and barreled ceilings.

The M534 Spring Hanger's innovative design allows you to adjust your suspended product during the installation process. Squeezing the arms together allows the M534 to slide along the M21 wire rod, giving limitless adjustment. The rod clips can be fastened to concrete floors and joists allowing for the wire rod to be suspended from this fastening point.

The M534 has been UL tested and approved t ocarry a maximum safe load of 500lbs, using the Studco M21 wire rod and the M74/M47 Rod brackets. The fast, safe and proven method without twisting wire, or handling wire cable.

 M354 Spring Hangers in a Studco suspended ceiling systemResilmount

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Sound Isolation Clips: Resilmount A48R

Resilmount A96R can be used on external and internal walls to provide sound isolation from the actual structure of the existing building in a traffic area.

The A48R can be used to support wall studs to increase wall heights without compromising the isolation of the wall from the existing structure. This allows walls to be braced back to the structure, cutting off any sound path back to or from the structure

Sound isolation clip diagram for sound isolation systemsA48R installed sound isolation clip in a steel furring channelBuilding with metal building studs installed

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Shimming walls with the Betafix adjustable clip.

Betafix adjustable furring channel clip eliminates the need for packers for shimming a block or concrete wall out to allow for insulation or to straighten the wall.

The Betafix clip (1) is fastened through the wings and then either the insulation is installed (2) so that the furring channel is clipped into the clips holding the insulation or rigid board in place. If insulation isn’t being used (3) then the Betafix clips can be clipped onto the furring channel and held against the wall and fastened through the wings, making for fast installation, rather than clipping the furring channel in after the clips are fastened to the wall. Furring channel is then moved in the teeth to line up with laser or string line to straighten the wall or to allow for a cavity for insulation. Drywall is then screwed into the furring channel, providing a straight hassle free solution for shimming walls with or without insulation.

First step of installing Betafix adjustable metal furring channel clipRemaining steps of installing Betafix adjustable steel furring channel clip

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Construction Engineering Services: Lightweight Steel Framing

Studco Building Systems can engineer the Light Gauge Metal Framing (LGMF) on your project.

Studco Building Systems can engineer the Light Gauge Metal Framing (LGMF) on your project. We can provide a certified and stamped shop drawing quotation from project plans sent to us on email. Studco LGMF Engineering Services can also value engineer your project to give the most cost efficient framing solutions which also enhances field performance and speed. From large multi-storey, load bearing structures to simple wall loads we have you covered. Call today or email your requirements or plans to: for your needed solutions.

Need engineering assistance? Call Studco Technical Services on 800.675.8023 for fast, friendly advice.

Lightweight steel framing diagram

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A96R use in ceiling applications to provide adjustment for Furring Channels.

Resilmount A96R is an engineered, patented adjustable acoustic resilient mounting bracket for Studco furring channels being suspended below purlins or trusses, for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in ceiling applications.

A96R metal furring channel resilient mounting brackets

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