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Studco: Innovative Steel Stud Manufacturers in the USA

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

Studco strive to be the leaders in innovative building systems and one of our latest projects in the US is at the forefront of creative architecture through the use of exposed Steel Stud. 

New York firm SO-IL has used Studco Croc Stud to produce a canopy structure installation for the Chicago Architecture Biennial. The 32-foot-tall archway consist of tall, twisted frames made from the quality Studco Croc Stud profile. 

Installations like this push the boundaries of innovation in the industry and to be able to contribute to concepts that are at the forefront of design and architecture is a great achievement for Studco

Contact the Studco Building Systems team to see how we can assist with steel stud innovation on your next project.

 Studco steel framing studs in Chicago Studco steel stud framing in Chicago

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