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Studco’s Ezy Jamb Line Wins Openings Award for Second Year in a Row

Studco Systems’ Ezy Jamb wins second consecutive Openings Award at the 2016 US Architectural Record Magazine Awards.

For a second year running, Ezy Jamb has been acknowledged for its unique design of architectural products that support a strong commitment to innovation, usefulness and aesthetics.

In 2015, the Studco’s Ezy Jamb SRC Single Rabbet Trimless Doorframe won the Openings category and now in 2016, the Ezy Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb has received the same award.

Judges Impressed by InSwing Frameless Jamb with Concealed Door Hinges

The jurors in this year’s contest consisted of six architectural professionals, rating 425 entries according to, aesthetics, the degree of innovation, and usefulness. They determined that the EZY Jamb ISD Inswing Door Jamb was the clear winner of the Openings category.

Designed for the door to be flush with the wall on the exterior side of the opening, the InSwing frame system still allows the door to swing into the room. 

“To be recognized two years in a row is a great achievement for EZY Jamb, it really emphasizes the boundaries we are pushing and the innovation that is going into our new product development” says Ezy Jamb North America Sales Manager Brandon Johnson

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