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Shimming walls with the Betafix adjustable clip.

Betafix adjustable furring channel clip eliminates the need for packers for shimming a block or concrete wall out to allow for insulation or to straighten the wall.

The Betafix clip (1) is fastened through the wings and then either the insulation is installed (2) so that the furring channel is clipped into the clips holding the insulation or rigid board in place. If insulation isn’t being used (3) then the Betafix clips can be clipped onto the furring channel and held against the wall and fastened through the wings, making for fast installation, rather than clipping the furring channel in after the clips are fastened to the wall. Furring channel is then moved in the teeth to line up with laser or string line to straighten the wall or to allow for a cavity for insulation. Drywall is then screwed into the furring channel, providing a straight hassle free solution for shimming walls with or without insulation.

First step of installing Betafix adjustable metal furring channel clipRemaining steps of installing Betafix adjustable steel furring channel clip