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RAPID FINISHING with EZY Reveal…for window reveals and wall ends

Wednesday January 16th 2013

Studco welcomes four new sizes to the EZYreveal family: RA60, RA75, RA80 and RA110.

Now in stock and ready for immediate despatch, these new sizes compliment the nine standard sizes of EZYreveal already produced by Studco.

EZYreveal continues to be the market leader in window finishing sections, demanded by more and more developers, builders and drywall installers because of the clean lines, subtle tones and premium strength only offered by genuine EZYreveal.

  EZYReveal for window reveals and wall ends

Top 10 Features Genuine EZYreveal

  • EZYreveal isn't susceptible to UV, direct sunlight & extreme temps.
  • No warping or twisting with EZYreveal
  • EZYreveal only uses half the amount of Drywall compound
  • You do not need to prime or prepare EZYreveal for painting
  • EZYreveal is always in stock in 26 standard, popular sizes
  • Thousands of homes & offices have EZYreveal clean line finish
  • EZYreveal surface finish is classified as 'ultra-smooth'
  • You can get EZYreveal in custom sizes & lengths*
  • EZYreveal achieves a 100% score in paintability


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 EZYReveal for window reveals and wall ends