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Resilmount A237CR - Furring Channel to CRC Channel Resilient Mount

Thursday, April 18th, 2014

The new A237CR furring channel to CRC Channel has been released by Resilmount providing sound isolation between ceiling primary suspension channel and the furring channel, to which drywall is fixed to.

This assembly clip features a top clip that wraps around the Cold Rolled Channel ( CRC) with a simple rotation motion, snapping into position. The A237CR can be moved along the CRC to line up with the Furring channel spacing.

A237CR steel furring channel example

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Internationally Recognized Certification for Steel Stud Manufacturer

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

After months of rigorous auditing process, Studco has now been certified with ISO 9001 QMS as well as ISO14001 EMS.

One of the few Steel Stud manufacturers that can boast being certified on an international Quality and Environmental standard in North America. The consistency of our quality is one of the cornerstones of Studco's reputation as a reliable supplier of metal building systems globally. This internationally recognized benchmark of quality is rigidly applied to all facets of our operations, ensuring premium quality products and premium customer service at all times. With our quality comes our responsibility of and caring for the environment in which we live. Our commitment to sensible environmental responsibility and corporate accountability is evident in our ongoing certification to the international recognized standard ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 Environmental Management SystemISO 9001 Quality Management System

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StudcoTough™ Construction Work Gloves

Friday April 12th 2013

This salty takes his protection seriously. Just like the all new StudcoTough™ range of contractors clothing and workwear, specifically designed to meet the OSHA needs of North American drywall framers.

StudcoTough™ Gloves

Studco has launched StudcoTough™, the new benchmark in workwear and clothing for making your day on-site as comfortable and safe as possible. In line with Studco's reputation for innovative metal building products of premium quality and extreme durability, theStudcoTough™ range will tick all the boxes for comfort, protection, style and quality.

The first product to be launched is the StudcoTough™ Drywallers Glove, a fingerless safety glove designed for the safe handling of metal sections, easy gripping of lining boards, and superior comfort and control of power tools.

Stay tuned for more clothing releases from StudcoTough™ in the coming months.


StudcoTough™ Gloves



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UL Classified Resilmount Sound Isolation Clips

Wednesday January 23rd 2013

UL Classified Resilmount sound isolation clip for use in a 1 hour assembly with 1 layer of 5/8" Drywall.This UL Classification adds to our long list of Fire testing already conducted with Warnock Hersey.

Well suited for use in Apartments, Condominiums and many more applications in Sound Control. This rating enables RESILMOUNT to be used in many Fire Rated Acoustic applications for sound proofing walls and ceilings. Please contact us with your Project and we will assist you in choosing the right assembly for the specified requirement in fire rating of sound isolation assemblies.

Call 800 675 8023 today or email to request further information.

UL Classified Resilmount Sound Isolation Clips

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RAPID FINISHING with EZY Reveal…for window reveals and wall ends

Wednesday January 16th 2013

Studco welcomes four new sizes to the EZYreveal family: RA60, RA75, RA80 and RA110.

Now in stock and ready for immediate despatch, these new sizes compliment the nine standard sizes of EZYreveal already produced by Studco.

EZYreveal continues to be the market leader in window finishing sections, demanded by more and more developers, builders and drywall installers because of the clean lines, subtle tones and premium strength only offered by genuine EZYreveal.

  EZYReveal for window reveals and wall ends

Top 10 Features Genuine EZYreveal

  • EZYreveal isn't susceptible to UV, direct sunlight & extreme temps.
  • No warping or twisting with EZYreveal
  • EZYreveal only uses half the amount of Drywall compound
  • You do not need to prime or prepare EZYreveal for painting
  • EZYreveal is always in stock in 26 standard, popular sizes
  • Thousands of homes & offices have EZYreveal clean line finish
  • EZYreveal surface finish is classified as 'ultra-smooth'
  • You can get EZYreveal in custom sizes & lengths*
  • EZYreveal achieves a 100% score in paintability


Call 800 675 8023 today or email to request further information.

 EZYReveal for window reveals and wall ends

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Tuesday December 19th 2012


Studco Betafix adjustable furring channel clip is used to provide adjustment for masonry walls and ceilings. This eliminates the need of packers and extra fasteners and provides for a faster more accurate installation.

Once the Betafix clip is securely fastened onto the wall or ceiling the furring channel can be snapped into the Betafix clip without the need of any extra fasteners.

  • Eliminates time consuming shimming
  • 4 adjustable locations
  • Pre-punched with fixing holes
  • 0 – 3/4" adjustment @ 3/16" increments
  • Designed for 25 gauge furring channel

Call 800 675 8023 today or email to request further information.

Studco Betafix adjustable furring channel clipStudco Betafix adjustable furring channel clip

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Ezy-Cap wall ends now available in Custom Lengths

Wednesday October 31st 2012

When you're looking for a fast and economical way to finish wall ends over 10' foot high, Ezy-Cap will now fit the bill with 12' foot high lengths no in stock.

  • Designed for quick and economical finish of wall ends
  • Manufactured from cold rolled steel providing a strong and secure wall and end cap that is both durable and fast to install
  • Hard to reach wall ends made possible with Ezy-Cap
  • Available in a range of size to suit various wall configurations

Call 800 675 8023 today or email to request further information.

EZYCap finishing of wall ends  EZYCap capping of plasterboard wall ends

EZYCap architectural solutions

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Wall Openings Made Quick & Easy

Friday Augustt 3rd 2012


The HEDA JAMB System from Studco offers a fast, easy and innovative way to create wall openings in load bearing internal and external rough opening applications.

Traditionally wall openings have required two or more studs at each side of Jamb and window openings, along with a series of studs and tracks to make up a header. Whilst this system zemains popular, the HEDA JAMB System from Studco uses fewer sections and connections providing the contractor with a simplified and time saving construction process.

HEDA JAMB comes in a range of sizes and gauges from 3-5/8" to 10" in 18ga to 12ga with either 3" or 3-1/2" flange. This gives the engineer versatility in design and the contractor cost saving methods for valued engineering on their projects when they change out traditional jambs and headers for the HEDA JAMB System.

Studco Building Systems has a range of engineered Span Tables for the contractor and the engineer to use in the Studco Building Systems Design and Engineering Manual. Call 800 675 8023 today or email to request your personal copy to be sent to you.

HEDA Jamb Steel Stud Wall System

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Studco's New Release – CROCSTUD – The New Decimal Steel Drywall Framing System

Tuesday June 5th 2012

Studco Building Systems has now released a decimal system so our customers know Exactly what they are getting. Architects and designers can now specify with confidence Rather than guessing with hybrid varieties.

These studs are UL and Warnock Hersey Listed. With Studco Studs, what you see is what you get.

 Studco CrocStud Steel Drywall Framing System














To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 800.675.8023 or email us


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New Trim 90 Drywall Cornerbead

Wednesday December 28th 2011

  • Increased Steel Gauge - SHARPER, STRAIGHTER LINES
  • 1 1/4" Perforated Legs - WITH MAXIMUM COMPOUND ADHESION
  • Quality Galvanized Steel - LONGER LASTING DURABILITY

To find out more about Studco's new products, please call 800.675.8023 or email us

 Studco Trim 90 Drywall Cornerbead

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Ceiling Sound Isolation Systems: Sensitive Ceiling Environments

Thursday November 10th 2011

The extensive range of sound isolation mounts for ceilings from Studco Building Systems now includes a selection of isolation hangers that have varying load capacities.

That means that optimum ceiling acoustics are achievable regardless of the weight of the ceiling system. The unique color coding of the mounts identifies the ceiling load capacity. Three variants are available with load capacities of 65lbs, 120lbs and 200lbs. For assistance choosing the right ceiling isolation mount for your application, call STUDCO.


Resilmount A50R sound isolation mounts for ceilings

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Studco Building Systems: Quality Steel Stud Manufacturers

Wednesday May 25th 2011

As one contractor said; "I haven't seen studs like this in 30 years"

The Facts

  • No Cold Reducing
  • True Gauge
  • Prime Galvanized Material Used

Specify the new decimal system for your peace of mind.

20 Gauge = 30 mils

25 Gauge = 18 mils

Studco CrocStud Steel Stud Framing

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Studco’s New Manufacturing Plant Now Operational

Wednesday January 19th 2011

Studco USA is continuing to experience strong growth and we have just completed expanding our manufacturing facilities to accommodate greater production output.

The brand new office and factory complex is home to one of America’s most modern manufacturing operations of metal building systems. Studco with its increased capacity and range of innovative products will expanded into new markets to offer Quality Products, Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Customer Service to the North Eastern Markets.

Studco's Manufacturing Plan USA

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