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M534 Spring Hangers

Studco suspended ceiling system is making for fast and easy installation for hanging of soffits, suspended cloud panels and barreled ceilings.

The M534 Spring Hanger's innovative design allows you to adjust your suspended product during the installation process. Squeezing the arms together allows the M534 to slide along the M21 wire rod, giving limitless adjustment. The rod clips can be fastened to concrete floors and joists allowing for the wire rod to be suspended from this fastening point.

The M534 has been UL tested and approved t ocarry a maximum safe load of 500lbs, using the Studco M21 wire rod and the M74/M47 Rod brackets. The fast, safe and proven method without twisting wire, or handling wire cable.

 M354 Spring Hangers in a Studco suspended ceiling systemResilmount